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Art Camp – So I was wondering……FAQs


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Do you have questions about Art Camp, or our new location, John Newcombe Tennis Ranch, or about signing up for Art Camp? Jenny Barker, Art Camp Chair, has put together a list of questions AND answers to help you plan your Art Camp adventure before registration opens this Wednesday, November 15.  

Q. What is the difference between a roommate and a condo-mate?

A. CHT Art Camp attendees will be house in 2 bedroom condos at John Newcombe Tennis Ranch. Each bedroom is setup for two people in separate beds. Each bedroom has a door that opens into the kitchen and living room.  Each bedroom has separate AC/Heating controls.  So, if you want to share a room with someone, this is your roommate.  Those you share the condo with are your condo-mates.  Every effort will be made to match you with the condo-mates of your choice


Q. What if I don’t know who I want to be my condo-mate?

A. If you do not identify anyone to be your condo-mates these will be assigned for you.


Q. Where do I check in for Art Camp?

A. When you arrive at John Newcombe Tennis Ranch, you will go to the check-in desk in the main lodge building. There you will receive your room information and key. You will then drive around to the back of your condo to park. So please don’t unpack your car until you know where you are staying.

Q. Are the classes all in one building?

A. No, we have classes in three buildings. One class will be held in a large room off the main Conference Hall. We will also have classes in the Adelaide and Brisbane rooms in a separate building and one class in another building, the Sydney Suite. These spaces have convenient bathrooms and only a few steps away from the dining area.


Q. I like to swim, can I use the pool?

A. Yes, bring your swimming suit and enjoy the lovely pool.


Q. Can I bring my own wine?

A. Yes. You may have wine in your condo and bring it to the conference hall each evening. If you wish to purchase a drink at the bar you can do so, share with the Wallaby .

Q. Can I walk from my condo to the Conference Hall in my pajamas?

A. Yes. John Newcombe hosts many ladies retreats and have no issues with us wearing our pjs. They have hosted groups of quilters who set up their machines and work all night in the Conference Hall.


Q. Will the facility be swarming with kids taking tennis lessons?

A. Tennis Camps will not be in session while we are at John Newcombe. We will have our areas to ourselves.


Q. How long do I have to make up my mind to attend?

A. If you want to be guaranteed a condo in the same area as your fellow CHT members, you have until February 22 to register. After February 23 the block of rooms is opened up to the general public.

If you want your first choice of classes then you need to register early.  Once the maximum number of people allowed by the instructors in each class has been reached, registration will be closed and a waiting list will be started for attendance at CHT Art Camp 2018.

Q. Can I attend classes only and not pay for my lodging?

A. No, CHT Art Camp is a residential experience. It is a slumber party sleep-over with great food, friends and fiber experiences. The contract with John Newcombe is based on a set number of attendees, and if we do not reach this number then we lose our great meeting and breakout spaces.  But, you are welcome to pay the double rate and attend without staying at the facility.


Q. My husband and I want to attend. We are a bit concerned about privacy.

A. One of the bedrooms has a sliding door to the back of the condo unit. If you are uncomfortable sharing the living room and kitchen with two other people then you can come and go through that door.


Q. Can I have a private room?

A. Single rooms are available at an increased rate. Please specify this when you register.

Q. I need an ADA compliant room. Are these available?

A. Yes, there are limited rooms on the same level as all of our meeting spaces and dining room.


Q. Are Scholarships available for CHT Art Camp?

Yes, they are. Please note that applications are due no later than 6 weeks before the date of the event. Please check to read the requirements and obtain the application form.


Still wondering about something? Contact

Jenny Barker, Art Camp Chair