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Barbara Kile to Teach Felting Class


To say that Barbara Kile’s designs are multifaceted is an understatement.  Her distinctive body of work includes media ranging from fabric, fibers, and felt to metal, wire and wood.  She finds inspiration in the world around her, drawing upon the style, color and textures of places she has lived and traveled through since childhood.  Many elements in her work come from the shapes and colors of Mother Nature herself.


For the last fifteen years, Barbara has focused her talents on felting and marrying felt with other materials in fun, innovative designs.  “The challenge in my work is finding ways to make the juxtaposition of hard and soft, bright and dull, rough and smooth work to create a unified piece.”  Barbara’s award-winning work has been exhibited in juried exhibitions all over the United States and internationally.


To see more of Barbara Kile’s work visit her webpage at:



Barbara teaches felting June 2017 at the CHT Biennial Conference

Felt Envelope Case for a Tablet or E-Reader – Using wool and a piece of plastic as a resist create an envelope to protect a tablet or e-reader.  Participants will begin by making a felt sample to become familiar with the wool to be used and to experiment with designs.  Next a pattern will be cut from plastic and the wool layout will begin.  Once the wool design is completed the piece will be wet felted and fulled.  To complete the envelope it will be shaped and a special closure made using buttons, beads and cord.

Length:  1 day         Class Size:  12

Level:  Some felting experience – not for a complete beginner