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CHT 2019 Members’ Exhibit and Fashion Show Awards!


Texas CHT members are creative people and we know you’ve been creating some fantastic items since our last conference. Now is the time to show off your talent to the Texas weaving world by submitting your items to the CHT Conference Members Exhibit and Fashion Show — and perhaps even earn some recognition and cash awards for your efforts.

There is less than one week remaining until the April 15th deadline to submit forms and fees for the Members’ Exhibit and Fashion Show.  There have been precious few entries so far.  In an effort to encourage everyone to enter, here are the awards that will be given:

Members’ Exhibit Awards

Four Categories:
Functional; Art Concept (2- and 3-D); Fashion Accessories; Handspun
Awards in each category
1st Place: $50.00
2nd Place: $25.00
3rd Place: $25.00
Best of Members’ Exhibit: $75.00
Judge’s Choice: $50.00
Member’s Choice: $75.00

Fashion Show Awards

1st Place: $50.00
2nd Place: $25.00
3rd Place: $25.00
Best of Fashion Show: $75.00
Judge’s Choice: $50.00
Members’ Choice: $75.00
Best of Show Award: $100.00

Additional Awards

HGA Award: Handweaving (and fiber arts) of special merit which shows a fresh, individual approach and expresses personal creativity, shows an awareness of aesthetic and functional considerations, and demonstrates competence in technical skills.

Complex Weavers Award: Excellence in handweaving using a draft or structure beyond plain weave.  There is no requirement for the number of shafts used to create the piece.

RedFish DyeWorks Award: Best use of color.

Heddlecraft Award: Excellence and innovation in handweaving.

Any of these awards may be yours, but only if you enter the Members’ Exhibit and Fashion Show.  You do that by submitting the paperwork and fees by Apr 15.  That still leaves until May 13 to get the actual pieces in the mail.  Don’t waste time – get busy!  Create!

Find entry forms and complete rules at . Open to all members of CHT – conference attendance is not required to enter.