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CHT Weaver Laura Viada – Work for the Home and Spirit


In the midst of preparing for our much anticipated CHT Conference Crossing Threads /Connecting Cultures 2017 in Houston Texas, co-chair, Laura Viada has found time to create a collection of appealing and engaging handwoven textiles.  Her work will be featured in February, 2017 at Cooper Shade Tree gallery in Round Top, Texas.


LAURA VIADA is a handweaver and fiber artist who creates textiles for the home and daily life. Her guiding philosophy is that humans have an intimate relationship with the object of daily life ” the things we touch, use, see, and share with friends and family on a daily basis — and that the human spirit thrives when these things are beautiful and sensual, as well as functional. In addition to decorative textiles, such as wall hangings, and window coverings, Laura creates textiles designed to add a touch of luxury and mindfulness to our daily routines. For Laura, a beautiful, handcrafted kitchen towel turns a daily chore into a ritual, a handwoven bath towel adds a touch of luxury to daily grooming, and a handwoven napkin makes even the simplest meal into a special occasion. Laura grew up in Houston, Texas. While taking a pause from demanding career in law, she learned to weave and fell in love with the world of fiber. For the past 20 years, Laura has been an active member of Houston’s craft community. Her work has been exhibited nationally and has won numerous awards, and she spent 9 months in 2008 as an Artist-in-Residence at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft. Laura lives in Houston and maintains a studio at the Art Square Studios complex near Downtown Houston.

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