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Connie Elliott Brings Indigo Dye Day to Conference 2017


Connie Elliot Shares her Talents in Indigo Dye

One of our own fabulous Texas fiber talents, Connie Elliott, sets up her indigo dye pots and invites Conference attendees to join her in dying the blues. And unlike singing the blues, dying the blues is a good thing.

indigo dyeing2 AC2016 edit

Connie is a native Minnesotan, who learned to weave and spin in the 1970’s in Austin, Texas. Her subsequent move to Southern California in 1980 initiated a 15-year stint as a professional spinner, weaver, dyer, teacher and demonstrator, during which time she worked at Knott’s Berry Farm and the Denwar Craft Studio. Now back in Texas, Connie lives with her husband in the Heights area of Houston. She demonstrates for the Heritage Society and various local living history venues, keeps 3 looms going, spins on a variety of devices, and dyes on the back porch.

Conference Class:
Indigo Dye Day – Indigo is a dye unlike most others. A dye that doesn’t require heat or mordant is called a “vat dye,” and indigo is the most famous of them all. Come and learn this method of dyeing, one of complex chemical reactions involving the very air itself. We will learn the basics of indigo dyeing, including what chemicals are needed and how to set up and maintain a basic hydrogen hydrosulfite/lye indigo dye pot. We will also have a pot of the new freeze dried indigo for comparison. We will work together to set up indigo pots and dye yarns and fabric, We will also explore some fun and funky resist techniques.