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Fiber Arts Scholarships


Do you have a great idea for a workshop but need funds to get it off the ground? Have you ever seen a great workshop you could take and share new techniques with your local  guild? Or perhaps you have a focus on the craft of weaving for research and teaching.

Because the CHT’s mission is to support individuals and guilds in Texas through education and networking of the history, the craft, the art, fashion and innovation in weaving, spinning and related fiber arts techniques, CHT has committed to provide financial scholarships to our members.

The scholarship opens the door to opportunities to learn more about weaving, spinning, and related fiber arts techniques and share that knowledge with the CHT community.

The focus of the fiber arts scholarships includes:

  • Learning new skills
  • Improving existing skills
  • Developing a program to teach fiber related classes
  • Funding a workshop attended by multiple people

In return, the recipient will be required to perform at least one of the following community enriching services:

  • Write a newsletter article for the CHT Newsletter
  • Present a program/workshop at their local guild
  • Present a program/workshop at the next CHT Conference
  • Present an evening program at the next CHT Art Camp
  • Use their new skills to create something for a CHT Conference raffle basket

Eligibility is not based on financial need.  To learn more about who is eligible, ideas of how to use these funds, and how to apply, please visit our Fiber Arts Scholarship Page 

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