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If Spring is on the Way, then It’s Almost Time for Art Camp


CHT Art Camp March 23-26, 2018

Registration Ongoing!

Congratulations to everyone for surviving the time between Thanksgiving and the first few days in January.  I feel as if I have been through the spin cycle of my washing machine!  I have had a wonderful time with friends and family and a bit too much food.  I played in the snow and watched the ice form on my fish tank.  I wore layers of clothes in the house and then added more when I went outside!  Today is sunny and my calendar only has normal items on it until March 23rd.

Registration for Art Camp is slowly growing.  Two of our members registered at Christmas!  Registration for Art Camp was in their Christmas stocking.  February 14th is the only remaining holiday between now and Art Camp and I can’t think of a sweeter thing to find in your Valentine’s Day card than registration for Art Camp.  You can print this article and leave it in plain sight!  Hint! Hint!

All the day-time classes are currently open and have a few spaces waiting to be filled.  Registration is not required for the night time classes. 

Margaret Arafats “Weaving Photographs on Silk”

Please remember that February 23rd is the absolute cut-off date for Weaving Photographs in Silk with Margaret Arafat.  This will give her and her students time to submit photographs to be printed on silk.  The online registration program will not allow you to register for this class after that date.  If the maximum number of students register for a class, it will be closed for future registration also.  I would encourage everyone to register in the next month.

Please don’t forget to consider applying for a Scholarship for Art Camp.

Lynne Williams Chinese Thread Book

After February 23rd there will be limited additional enrollment in Lynn William’s Chinese Thread Book class.  She needs a bit of time to order the book used in the class.  I would encourage you to register before February 23rd.  That is only 9 days after Valentine’s Day!  Hint!  Hint!

Art Camp attendees will get a special discount at The Quilt Haus in New Braunfels.  This is the only remaining quilt store in New Braunfels.  It has a lovely selection of fabrics, kits, thread, machines, and in addition they offer classes.  Art Camp check-in at John Newcombe is available starting 2pm on Friday, March 23rd.  Please remember that dinner is not included that day.  The first evening classes start at 6:30pm.  Hmmm…..sounds like an excuse to go shopping.  There is a very good JOANN Fabric and Craft Store and a big Hobby Lobby in town.  The HEB on 46 has snack food and adult beverages.  For people who like thrift stores, the Sts. Peter and Paul Thrift Store and the Hope Hospice Thrift Shop are both good places to stop.  Hope Hospice has a good selection of men’s ties.

Cate Buchanan “Intro to Tassel Making”
Cindy Balentine’s Pine Needle Basket

Please have fun in January ordering the supplies you need for classes.  While you sleep there are ten instructors working diligently to ensure that you leave Art Camp with new skills and knowledge.  And, others working to make sure you have a good time.  CHT Art Camp takes a village!  The good news is the CHT is an active vibrant caring village!  Come help us celebrate in March.