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Impressions from Art Camp 2022


Well, weaving friends, Art Camp 2022 has come and gone. If you attended, I hope you had a lovely time. Many of you have said so, and thanked me, but I think we were all so ready to have a good time in each other’s company that it was going to be fun even without the beautiful weather, comfy accommodations, good and abundant food, and delightful classes. So, anything better than that is just a bonus. Many thanks to 1) the Newcombe Tennis Ranch for comfortable accommodations, quiet but comprehensive service, and generous yummy food, 2) the weather gods for warm sunny days and cool breezy nights, and 3) our fine instructors, in alphabetical order: Deb Harrison (Deflected Doubleweave), Karla Herre (Making Bags with Handwoven Cloth), and Cricket Rose (Twill Baskets). We also had more Independent Study people than in previous camps. All the projects I’ve seen were successful and beautiful. The classes were intense enough that there were less wine and fewer tall tales on the patio in the evening than in past years, but the evening mini-classes still drew crowds: Cate Buchanan (Knotted Fasteners), Diane Ferguson (Hinge Books), Tracy Kaestner (Getting Published), and yours truly (Nautical Mats). Social events included the opening mixer and the bonfire, complete with s’mores. I know my suitemates and I did quite a bit of sharing and relaxing in our condo in jammies, and I bet we weren’t the only ones.


Art Camp 2024 is in the deft hands of Lynn Shiner, who is already working on a great lineup of classes. If you haven’t been to Art Camp, try it! Four days of pampering and in-depth immersion in new techniques, all in the excellent company of your weaving buddies. See you then! 

Rasa Silenas

Enjoying the campfire!

Art Camp was great!  Crickett’s basket class was awesome and I made two great baskets.  The first is already full of fruit.  The green egg basket needs a little finishing and then it too will be full of something (maybe even eggs — we found out that the hump in the middle is to keep the eggs from rolling around!).  We had fun hauling water from the bathroom and dumping it in a huge garbage can so we could get water to soak reeds and we had another tub for dunking larger baskets.  The bathroom stalls were so scrunchy that if we closed the door, it whacked our knees.  I don’t know what they were thinking!  But we were all friends…. It was great sitting at meals, enjoying each other’s stories.  Catching up.  And seeing what everyone was doing!  Such interesting work!   – Meg W

Working on a beautiful basket!
I attended Art Camp at our outstanding venue, with fabulously delicious food.  Friendship among many many talented weavers flourished in this resort setting!
I took Karla’s Bag Class and WOW what a class it was!  We had fun, formed friendship bonds and we ended up with the most incredible bags!  Karla is just amazing and I’m keeping fingers crossed I may study under here again! And, Here’s my bag! – Janice R
Weaving and meditating

I was soooooo busy I almost didn’t take any pictures, but here’s what I got. I loved all of it. Wonderful group & fabulous time with all. Ate well, slept well, enjoyed the variations in my students’ baskets.  – Cricket R

Let the creativity flow!