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Make One – Receive One: Conference Runner Challenge and Exchange


Dear Challenge-Loving Weavers!

Have you decided to participate in the 2021 Conference Runner Challenge and Exchange?  If you plan to join in the fun but did not get an email from us on Jan 5, 2021 then we don’t have you on the participant list. The GOOD NEWS IS … you can absolutely still sign up and share in the fun.

What do I Make? What are the Guidelines? What Fiber or Structure are we using?

The short answer is “It Depends…..” This is the fun part! Everyone has a personalized challenge based on your name. To find your weaving guidelines, go to the Complete Challenge info online at:

The Challenge has Two Goals….
  • ONE is to encourage you to try a weave structure that might be new to you or just not well explored
  • THE OTHER is to examine and interpret something about Texas waterways — such as history, geography, geology, culture, recreation, or whatever
  • BUT NO MATTER WHY YOU PARTICIPATE here’s the best part … You’ll go home with a handwoven runner from a fellow Texas Weaver!
I Love Handwoven Items! How Do I Sign Up?

Anyone planning on participating should send an email as soon as possible to Rasa Silenas at [email protected]. It is important to let Rasa know you intend to participate. Don’t forget to tell her your email address and phone number.  This is important — you don’t have to wait to weave something to sign up.

Use our CHALLENGE ENTRY FORM to tell us about your item

Then, as soon as you have the information about the design of your project, please print an online Challenge Entry Form to share those details. That helps us prepare display labels. Be sure and keep a copy for yourself so that you can attach to the actual item when it is sent.

How Much will this Cost?

There is no fee for participation.

How Do I Prepare and Submit the Finished Item?
  • Please securely attach a paper copy of the entry form to your entry.  Ship your entries to me to arrive by May 1Request signature on delivery because this is a commercial address and there are times when no one is there to bring items indoors.  It would be sad to have a treasure blow away!

                Rasa Silenas

                Sculptural Designs Atelier

                927 N Alamo St

                San Antonio TX  78215

  • You may attach a personal label to your work if you wish. This is different from the Members Exhibit or Fashion Show.
Now For The Good Part – When Do I Get My Exchange Runner?

Items will be exchanged in a blind draw. The exchange will take place at 6 pm on Saturday, June 5, 2021 at the conference.  That will give us time to visit over drinks and still get supper at a reasonable hour.  If you have to leave before the exchange, you may designate a friend to draw a runner for you.

I want to participate, but am a little shy. Inspire me!

Be inspired by reading about CHT member Nancy Summer’s runner on this recent blog post:

Email or call me with any questions.  I’m grateful to those of you who have already reminded me of things I forgot to include in the brochure!


PS: Don’t Forget to register for the conference beginning Friday January 15, 2021.