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Challenge Project: Members' Exchange Weather Pattern Napkins

Entry Deadline Extended to May 1st!

Texas is the largest state in the continental United States – 268,597 square miles! Its topography varies, and so does its climate! Texas has eight unique climatic zones, creating many types of weather throughout the state.

Looking at the weather we see patterns. A weather pattern occurs when the weather stays the same for days or weeks at a time. Some common weather patterns include hot and dry weather, wet and rainy weather, and cold weather.

Weaving embraces patterns through the act of repetition. The smallest unit of a weave is known as pattern (or repeat), and is repeated to create the design in the fabric. The action of weaving is also a pattern: throw shuttle right, beat, throw shuttle left, beat, and so forth. As the fabric is built, the visual pattern appears.

Design Guidelines

Use the weather as your guide. Design and weave a set of four napkins inspired by a weather event, occurrence, or pattern.

      • What: Napkins, Set of 4
      • Size: Cocktail to Dinner, Your choice
      • Fiber: Your choice
      • What will happen with it: You go home with as many sets as you enter
      • Bonus Challenge: Incorporate the color blue!

Where Function Meets Art

Weavers have been creating fabrics for millenia in many functional forms: clothing, linens, curtains, upholstery, and artistic expressions. The napkin was chosen as the format for this exchange for its ability to blend both worlds: function and art. These napkins can be highly functional, an artistic expression, or both. The square has echoed through art history through drawing, painting, design, and pattern: small enough to be framed and hung as art, functional enough to be used for its purpose. Approach this challenge with this cross over in mind. Whether you design your napkins to be fully functional or purely art, they will embody both worlds, because weaving is art.

Napkin Display

All napkins will be displayed at the Conference in the Vendor Hall from Friday, 1p to Saturday, 4p.