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On-Loom Workshops Available in SA


San Antonio Handweavers Guild has a few spaces available at two exciting upcoming workshops.  They welcome members of CHT to join them  for these two unique experiences:

The Art of Transparency presented by Laura Viada

Thursday May 3 —  Saturday May 5, 2018

Laura Viada’s Illuminati

Laura is the winner of the Best of Show Award at 2017 Contemporary Handweavers of Texas Conference. Laura will also be leading this workshop at the HGA Convergence in Reno July 2018.

Transparencies are fun to weave and present a wealth of opportunities for expression and design. A close relative of the tapestry, the distinguishing characteristic of the transparency is the contrast between opaque areas of pattern inlay and the sheer background cloth. Transparencies can be stand-alone art pieces, or they can be functional items such as window coverings, table linens, and wearables. 

This workshop introduces students to basic transparency weaving techniques, and to all the possibilities transparency offers. On day one, we will explore the basics such as yarns, sett, weaving techniques, and creating shapes. On day two, we will explore design sources and methods and students will create an original cartoon. On day three, students may continue experimenting with yarns and techniques and/or begin weaving from the cartoon designed on day two.

Supply List: This is an on loom workshop. A pre-warped 4 shaft loom required* Also needed: Weft yarn*, Shuttle for weaving background fabric, Small shuttles or tapestry bobbins for weaving pattern, Several sheets of printer paper, Pencil, Eraser, Black Sharpie, Colored pencils (optional), Straight pins, Scissors, Tapestry needle, Note taking supplies, and other Weft yarns to experiment with.

*Detailed instructions for yarn choices and warping will be sent prior to the workshop.

Explore Laura’s weaving at her website,

Cost for this 3-day workshop: $225 plus $20 materials fee. 

Doubleweave Diversity with Jennifer Moore

Friday October 26 – Sunday October 28, 2018.

Example of Doubleweave Sampler
  • An on-loom workshop for 4-shaft and 8-shaft looms.
  • Learn all about the magic of doubleweave! Participants will weave a sampler that explores weaving two independent layers of cloth, double-width cloth, tubular weaving, color-and-weave effects, pique, quilting and doubleweave pick-up.
  • Graphing designs and working with multiple colors will be introduced.
  • Explore Jennifer’s exciting work at her website,

Anticipated cost for this 3-day workshop: $225 plus $10 materials fee.



Please note: It is suggested that participates in these workshops have intermediate weaving skills.

If you are interested in participating in either or both of these events, please contact SAHG Workshop Chair, Cindy Balentine, ">. A 50% deposit is required to secure your spot. Contact Cindy to get mailing information for your deposit or to communicate any additional questions.