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“Re-imagining Our Past” Study Group is Active!


2019 CHT Conference:

“Re-imagining Our Past” Study Group

The 2019 CHT Conference Sample and Hand-towel Exchange is active and open to all CHT Members!  Simply contact Margaret Arafat HERE with your intent to join the Group, and you will be issued an “invitation” to join our site.


Join us in reimagining our past!

Once you receive that invitation, all you have to do is accept.  (If you don’t already have a free membership you will be required to set one up as part of joining.)  As part of this online group, all other pertinent information, including WIFs of each draft, and access to files will be available.

Members will also be able to have online discussions and share their own WIFs and photos.  The deadline for signing up for this exciting study group is December 31, 2018.

Join us in reimagining our past!  – Margaret Arafat, FWWG


The 2019 CHT Conference Study Group is specifically tied to the theme, “Celebrating Our Past, Discovering Our Future.” 
Instead of having a study group with only an exchange of samples, this one includes towels and swatches.