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Rosalie Neilson Launches new book at Houston Conference


BREAKING NEWS!!!!!  Rosalie Neilson informs us that her new book , “An Exaltation of Blocks” designed to accompany her conference workshop of the same name, is finished.

It’s at the printer and will be available to the public in time at our  Houston conference, May 31 – June 4, 2017!!


According to Rosalie, “…it will be in two volumes contained in a slip case. Volume one is hardbound, 140 pages, describing the evolution of the design pages and transparent overlays and how to convert block designs into the three weave structures: Summer and Winter, Huck Lace, and Warp-Faced Rep … all intended for 8-shaft looms. The second volume contains twelve envelopes with removable design pages (72 printed on card stock) and transparent overlays (46 printed on transparent film). There are also four templates for converting the three weave structures into a tie-up and treadling plan.”

More information about price and other details as it becomes available. We are very excited about this opportunity!!!!