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Tassels: Today’s Current Trend


One thing we can always count on, put a tassel on anything and suddenly that object goes from being ordinary to being a celebration. Cate Buchanan joins the instructor team at Art Camp 2018 to share her skill in creating these yummy little adornments.


Tassels have been around for a long time. Examples of tassels used in clothing, decorations and jewelry exist from many cultures including ancient Egypt, Rome, China and Persia. The French perfected them in their gorgeous passementerie creations and the Victorians, who seemed to love all things decorative, used tassels to adorn seemingly everything. In modern times the current fashion trend finds tassels hanging from  jewelry, shoes, purses and on all things “bohemian”.

Why do I need more tassels in my life, you may be thinking? Here are….

25 uses for Tassels:

  1. Attach them to the ends of window or shower curtain tiebacks. Consider making the tieback cord a kumihimo project.
  2. Weave a bookmark on your Weave-It pin loom and attach it to a small kumihimo cord to hang on the outside of the book.
  3. Make earrings and a matching necklace using 3 or more tassels. Also attach to bracelets.
  4. Attach them at even distance apart on the bottom of the hem of a dress to transport yourself to a fiesta in an exotic location.
  5. Tassels made of leather can be attached to the zipper pull on a purse or backpack.
  6. Bright colored tissue paper tassels are good decorations for a package
  7. Tie them to the end of a key ring.
  8. Attach them to the corners of a pillow.
  9. They look good and work even better if used on the ends of the drawstrings for a small bag.
  10. In red, silver, gold, white, and green they would make a spectacular Christmas tree garland.
  11. Attach them to the ends of tea towels.
  12. Decorate the edges of a scarf. Stunning and unexpected.
  13. Tied to the top of napkin rings.
  14. Attach rows of tassels to your market basket. You will feel like you are on vacation.
  15. Bright colors and shiny fibers could be transformed into a mesmerizing baby mobile.
  16. Trim the side hems of window curtains.
  17. Attach to the corners of everyday cloth napkins.
  18. Do you need a window shade pull?
  19. Hang around the perimeter of the bottom of a lampshade.
  20. Decorate the corners of a throw you have woven.
  21. Dress up the inexpensive reed placemats with tassels on the corners or sides or better yet one’s you have woven.
  22. Sew to the bottom hem of jeans.
  23. Slip on to the wide end of a paperclip!
  24. Use asChristmas tree ornaments.
  25. Attach to the cord on your scissors.

If any one of these creative uses for tassels caught your eye or whetted your appetite to learn how to make a tassel then please consider taking Cate Buchanan’s Tassel Making class at CHT Art Camp being held from March 23-26, 2018.  Visit to read more about this residential camp and to register.


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