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The Human Experience – Connecting through Textiles


“But How Do I Connect?”

As textile people, we know that in terms of human production and consumption, first comes food, then come textiles. From tropical loin cloths to Arctic parkas, from floor coverings to housing, and from 3rd grade potholders to medieval tapestries, textiles are universal. We need them, we love them, and if we want, they give us a common bond with every person on the planet. Not bad. But how?

How do I connect with someone 10,000 miles away? Join CHT in Houston this June where Deborah Chandler will offer some answers to that question in her keynote address and classroom presentations.

Presenting information on organizations, projects, businesses, events, social media, publications, museums, and more, with personal stories of human connections made through those avenues, Deborah will give us many ideas about how to cross our threads and connect with other cultures.

Registration is ongoing and open to the public.  Come connect with the Texas Handweaving community. Find more information about all the special events, Deborah and all our amazing guest speakers and teachers, workshops and seminars at:

CHT Biennial Conference: Crossing Threads, Connecting Cultures