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Rosalie Neilson – Rep Weave, Block Design, Kumihimo


Members Exhibit Judge and Teacher — Rosalie Neilson


Rosalie is an extremely knowledgeable weaver who specializes in rep weave and kumihimo.  She recently taught two workshops for the Houston guild and participants raved about her knowledge and teaching ability.  At the latest workshop, Rosalie introduced us to a fascinating method of block design which was a preview of her current book in progress. Entitled An Exaltation of Blocks, she hopes to have it ready to launch at her conference class in Houston.

Rosalie has also published several books on kumihimo designs including the recently republished,  The Thirty-Seven Interlacements of Hira Kara Gumi.

In addition to judging the Member’s Exhibit, Rosalie will teach a pre-conference workshop on Rep Weave, and will offer a conference classes on block design from her new book, and a class on kumihimo.

With her deep knowledge of  the many facets of weaving and design  CHT Conference 2017 will also be well served with Rosalie serving as our Members Exhibit Judge.


Rosalie Neilson Classes:
  • It’s in the Warp:  Color and Design in Rep (pre-conference workshop)
  • An Exaltation of Blocks:  A new method of block design
  • Kumihimo:  16-Element Kongo Gumi Braid

Visit Rosalie’s website:

Registration for CHT 2017 Biennial Conference, Houston, Texas. coming February 2017