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CHT Art Camp 2018 – What Next??


Registration week one is now complete.  If you registered you are probably wondering what happens next.  You should have received emailed confirmation of your registration and choices.  Please review this carefully, as it is very easy to fix any registration issues now. 

If you have itchy fingers and just want to celebrate that the date is approaching quickly, please visit  There is a countdown clock is on the registration page.  If you have not registered yet there are still spaces in ALL classes.

(Or, maybe you haven’t registered because you can’t remember your password? Look at the end of this message for info on resetting your password or other ways to register.)

Become a hunter and a gatherer!  Review the equipment and supply list for your session and also for the evening sessions.  If you can’t “hunt” these down in your stash or “gather” them from fellow weavers, then add them to your shopping list!  Don’t forget those items that are creature comforts….seat cushion, hand brace, light, power strip, extension cord, water bottle and phone charger.

If you are in Margaret Arafat’s class, please start reviewing your photographs or taking pictures.  This will give you a wonderful excuse to capture wildlife, friends, family members, nature, and city scenes.  You may find that by looking at the images you already have might be all that is necessary to identify that perfect picture.





Spend some time researching the class you are taking.  The history of paper thread books is fascinating.  Tassels are certainly diverse and beautiful.  They can be made from many materials including fibers.  Spend time looking on websites that feature tassels.  Pine needle baskets can be made in all shape and sizes.  There are several stitching techniques and embellishments in addition to the one that will be taught.  You will find ideas of what you might wish to bring to embellish your basket.  There are many websites that feature photographs printed on fabric.  They are a feast for the eyes and will give you an idea of how your photograph might look.

And then there are the pajamas….To be perfectly honest, my cat does not care what I wear to bed.  Some nights I look like I am playing dress up in a very big event t-shirt.  Some nights it is longer than others.  If it is cold there might be a pair of long bottoms under the shirt.  The common thread to my nightwear is “cotton” a hold-over from “the change.”  I do not own anything that looks remotely like the Doris Day or Sandra Dee garb in their earlier movies.  This means that I may not show up in my pj’s or a bathrobe that I might be able to locate lurking in my closet.  You don’t have to wear your pajamas for the evening classes and gathering.  Please feel free to wear them.  We may be a mixed gender group, so keep this in mind.

Please don’t forget to bring your evening snacks and beverages.  There will be water available in the conference meeting room. You are welcome to bring food to share or only for yourself.  You can bring non-alcoholic beverages and wine.  If you want something else, there is a full service bar available for your use.

While you are having fun researching, dreaming, hunting, gathering, and preparing to attend CHT Art Camp on March 23-26, 2018, we will be working behind the scenes to make your experience wonderful.

–Jenny Barker, Art Camp Chair 




>>Registering and Password Reset:

To register, you will have to log into your CHT member account. If you’ve forgotten your password, please visit the Lost Password section. Use the email address where you receive your CHT messages as your username. The website will send  a link to that email with a password reset.

The screen looks like this:  The site suggests a random, long string of characters BUT you can simple type over this suggested password and then hit the “Reset Password” button. If registering online is not for you, mail or email the printed registration to Jenny @ . You can pay by check or credit card.