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Michele Belson – Handwovens and Wearables


Fashion Show Judge and Teacher —  Michele Belson


We all know Michele as the owner of Lunatic Fringe, the line of fibers featuring gorgeous colors and organic cotton.  But, did you know that, besides being one of our favorite vendors, Michele has an extensive background in costuming and is the head costumer for her local theater company?

Michelle will join us in Houston this conference in several roles. First, she will bring her vendor booth back to the hall for shopping fun. Bringing her experience with both handwoven fabric and wearable creations, she is teaching a pre-confercence workshop on designing patterns to inspire the many of us who want to use our handwoven fabrics to also create wearables.

After teaching us how to create patterns, Michele will take on the responsibility of our Fashion Show Judge, a difficult task if past conference show entries are a predictor of the quality we can expect to see June 2017.

Pre-conference Workshop:  It’s All Very Basic – Designing a Sewing Pattern from Scratch